what do bluebirds eat

What Do Bluebirds Eat?

Bluebirds are brightly coloured songbirds, belonging to a group called thrushes. They are popular with any birdwatcher or garden enthusiast, but they can be difficult to attract to a traditional garden bird feeder. This is in part due to their varying diet, which changes between seasons. They are also quite shy in nature, so are…

what do orioles eat

What Do Orioles Eat?

Orioles are small, brightly coloured birds found in the UK and North America. In the US, there are 8 distinct oriole species, whereas the UK has only one. Unlike most garden birds, orioles are not seed eaters. So, what do orioles eat? This article will discuss their wild diet and what you can feed to…

what do blue jays eat

What Do Blue Jays Eat?

Blue jays are vibrant, beautiful birds but it is not their striking beauty that makes them stand out from the crowd. They are very talented creatures, with several unique abilities that make them a top pick for bird watchers. Many people like to encourage blue jays to their garden bird feeders, so let’s find out…

what do wrens eat

What Do Wrens Eat?

Wrens are skilled at blending in with their environment and it can be tricky to spot them in the wild. This is partly due to their small size and colouring but also because they prefer to stay in dense vegetation. Although it is harder to catch a glimpse of them, their distinct chatter is easily…